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Under this network model, an uncontended CIR is like a dedicated lane on the freeway that can only be used by a single company, allowing the company to send any mix of cars, vans and trucks as they like. T e dedicated lane is unaf ected by rush hour, or activity in other lanes. In other words, and for operators tracking multiple assets or remotely monitoring myriad metrics from a wide array of equipment, the perfect match.

is achieved is through Harris CapRock the globe. The solution’s multi-band With this setup, customers are al-

One. It provides a communication ser- antenna is capable of supporting C-, lowed to freely roam wherever they vice that monitors for and adopts the Ku- and Ka-band and is remotely con- want worldwide and the equipment self- best-? t satellite, wireless or terrestrial ? gurable, saving on the costs associated con? gures to the most appropriate con- network as a rig or ship moves around with an on-site service technician. nection in the given conditions – making


GeoSwath 4 ofers the industry’s most efcient simultaneous swath bathymetry and side scan seabed mapping system for shallow waters: • Very wide swath coverage • Real time, geo-referenced side scan data • New hardware design for unsurpassed portability and deployability • Higher performance; more seabed data points and powerful processing • Easier operation, simplifed and automated.

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