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November/December 2016


Volume 59 • Number 9

On the Cover

Subsea Engineering 34 Methane: The

Arctic’s Treasure

CAGE conducts cross-disciplinary research in the Arctic Ocean to collect data on methane release.

By Kira Coley

Voices: IMR 8 Rosane Zagatti

BG Group’s Subsea Technology

Manager weighs in on the development of the FlatFish AUV.

By Claudio Paschoa

Fresh Water Monitoring 14 AUV Mission on the

Great Lakes 3434

First of its kind mission launched with AUVs to help scientists better

CAGE understand the world’s largest fresh water environment.

By Eric Haun 8

Brexit 28

What Now?

With the British exit from the EU, MTR looks at the impact to the whole of the UK subsea industry.

By Kira Coley 4040

Tech File

BG Group 40 BlueROV2

Blue Robotics and its BlueROV2 seek to change the dynamics of the underwater search business.

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