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choice of length) and a topside elec- and what components that are not inert thrusters afford, it would appear to be a tronics board. What it does not include are potted. Surprisingly, even though viable approach.

are a few basic tools you will need these thrusters are constantly exposed (such as screwdrivers and wire snips), to salt and debris, long term testing Kit options batteries (14.8 VDC LiPo batteries are has proven them to be pretty reliable. Besides various tether length options, recommended), a laptop/ tablet to con- And considering the cost savings these you can also choose between the “stan- trol the ROV, or a monitor to display the video. These are left to the builder to buy and assemble as they wish. Some steps of the construction, such as the waterproof housing penetrators, have already been potted to the cables, while other steps, such assembling the frame and connecting the wires to the vari- ous electronics, have been left for the builder to complete.

BlueROV2 kit components

Besides Blue Robotics’ novel approach to delivering this new product, some of the components which make up the kit are themselves equally novel. The mo- tors in the thrusters, for example, are not sealed from water intrusion but in- stead are open so water can pass freely.

The thruster’s construction is mostly

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