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The Oceans 2016 conference and exhibition, co-sponsored by the Marine Technology Society and the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society, was held September 19-23, 2016 in Monterey, Calif. The event drew more than 100 exhibitors showcasing some of the latest products, services and tech- nological advancements. (All Photos: Eric Haun)

Lars Hansen, President of MacArtney Inc., cel- SubC Imaging had several products on display, ebrated his birthday at Oceans. including its Aquorea LED (L) and 1Cam Mk6 (R).

DeepSea Power & Light’s new LED SeaLite.Patrick Nissen, Sr. Hydrographic Surveyor, Tele- dyne Reson, during live, on-water demos.

Thomas J. Knox, General Manager, MacArntey Sea? oor Systems’ Josh Grava, vice president

Canada Ltd. sales; Cody Carlson, hydrographer; and John

Tamplin, president; with the EchoBoat ASV.

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