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New L3C-HD and L3C-HDX Cameras

Teledyne Bowtech introduced the the new L3C-HDX camera is that plying harsh environment vision updated L3C-HD and the new L3C- the digital signal from the camera systems to the subsea ROV, AUV,

HDX underwater cameras to add to is a visually lossless compressed defense, nuclear, and leisure and its diverse range of high de? nition signal that will travel up to 250m on marine science markets for more and compact tooling cameras. a Teledyne Bowtech coax. This visu- than 25 years. The range of under-

The updated release of the L3C- ally lossless compression adds zero water cameras includes Compact

HD camera now features full HD latency to the signal and the video Tooling and Diving Cameras, High 1080p up to 60fps to add the full is viewed on an HD-SDI capable De? nition Cameras, Standard Zoom list of HD-SDI outputs available monitor after going through a small Cameras and Low-Light Cameras, (720p 50, 720p 60, 1080i 50, 1080i converter box. Built with the same all with specialist features and 60 and 1080p 50). The camera also depth rating options, inside the same bene? ts suitable for a wide range of features simultaneous SD and HD- Titanium housing and behind the applications.

SDI output capability and is ? tted same Sapphire window as the L3C- In addition to underwater cameras, with a ? xed focus wide angle lens HD, the L3C-HDX only enhances Teledyne Bowtech’s harsh environ- that provides a 67° diagonal angle of the capabilities of Teledyne Bow- ment vision systems include LED view in water. It is housed in 1000m, tech’s underwater camera products. lights, Video Inspection Systems, 4000m or 6000m depth rated Ti- Both the L3C-HD and the L3C- Xenon Underwater Strobes, Pan and tanium, and is capped by a highly HDX cameras are designed to be Tilts, custom-molded cable assem- scratch resistant and 99.8% optically lightweight and compact, and are blies, underwater electrical connec- pure Sapphire window. Additionally, ideally suited to tooling, diving and tors, ? ber-optic multiplexers and slip the new L3C-HD camera is approxi- ROV/AUV operations. rings for use in hazardous areas or mately 40% smaller and lighter than Teledyne Bowtech has been subsea, at any ocean depth.

its predecessor. The key feature of designing, manufacturing and sup-

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