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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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New Arti? cial Reef

Kraken, a 6,000-ton, 371-foot retired cargo vessel, was scuttled 67 miles off

Galveston to help create an arti? cial reef to support coral, ? sh, sea turtles and other aquatic life in the Gulf of Mexico.

The ship’s new resting place is in close proximity to the Flower Garden Banks

National Marine Sanctuary, a triad of coral reef systems popular with divers and ? shermen. news/video-retired-arti? cial-544771

Photo: Matrix New World Engineering

World’s First Floating Microwave Radiometer

AXYS Technologies Inc. is conducting design work with Boulder Environmental Sci- ences & Technology (BEST) to deploy the world’s ? rst buoy based microwave pro? ling radiometer on a ? oating platform, the FLiDAR WindSentinel. Funded by the U.S.

Department of Energy, the BEST Marine Pro? ling Radiometer (MPR) is the world’s ? rst microwave pro? ling radiometer speci? cally designed for deployment on a buoy. rst-? oating-micro- wave-544561

AXYS Technologies

Shell Ocean

Discovery XPrize

Twenty-one teams representing 13 countries have been chosen to advance in the $7 million Shell

Ocean Discovery XPRIZE. Their innovative approaches run from gliders and drones, underwater robotic swarms, autonomous underwater vehicles, robotics, arti? cial intelligence and massive computing platforms..

http://www.marinetechnologyne- ery-xprize-545249

Image: XPrize

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