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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Grady MacIntosh Saab Seaeye are creating smaller, smarter robotic systems that are more agile, more LR Sets Its Sights Subsea powerful and are bringing advanced Lloyd’s Register (LR) aims to bring technology and ef? ciencies to an ever its expertise to underwater operations widening range of complex tasks across in offshore oil and gas as well as wind many different market sectors. farm power generation and submarine cable markets, having launched Subsea

M² Subsea Opens New HQ Inspection Services It will be headed

M² Subsea, which secured private equity by LR’s Subsea Inspection Manager investment toward the end of 2016, has Andrew Inglis. moved people and equipment into new headquarter premises in Aberdeenshire. The Cluster of Clusters

The company has recruited onshore Marine technology clusters from seven

Photo: LloydRegister commercial and operational personnel, countries have come together to launch taking possession of 27 remotely a global BlueTech Cluster Alliance

Inglis operated vehicles (ROVs) and (BTCA) to foster innovation and mobilizing 10 of them onto a diverse company has also been awarded its ? rst economic development in the maritime ? eet of subsea vessels. The company, ROV consultancy project with one of a domain. which is also based in Houston, expects U.K. engineering solutions provider and Together the clusters will promote to create 50 onshore and 100 offshore recently employed two new ROV pilots. sustainable, science-based ocean and jobs by the end of the year. Around 30 water industries and advance cluster-to- people have joined the management New Training Courses from Teledyne cluster and B2B collaboration “through team in the U.K. and the U.S. with more Teledyne RESON A/S announced a events and initiatives that promote the expected to be recruited as imminent new series of SeaBat and Teledyne PDS blue economy and share common goals contracts are signed. training courses set at different locations of fostering economic development, on the latest hardware and software innovation and scienti? c discovery in

Rovco Dives In technology. Teledyne PDS and Teledyne the maritime domain.” Charter Members

Rovco, a U.K.-based startup launched in SeaBat Multibeam Sonars are used for are Forum Oceano (Portugal), Marine

September, has stepped into international many seabed mapping and dredging Institute (Ireland), Oceans Advance waters with the completion of two operations. The open courses cover (Canada), PLOCAN (Spain), Pole Mer subsea survey contracts in Southeast Teledyne PDS for Dredge or Multibeam Mediterranee (France), The Maritime

Asia and the Middle East. The contract operations and SeaBat training. Alliance (U.S.), UK Blue Growth awards saw Rovco perform advanced Teledyne also offers a combined Network (UK), and Pôle Mer Bretagne subsea survey work in Fiji and Oman, training session covering everything Atlantique is the ? rst Regular Member. utilizing its SubAtlantic Mojave, Seaeye from SeaBat installation to producing a BTCA will expand membership to other

Falcon and VideoRay Pro 4 ROVs. The deliverable in Teledyne PDS. BlueTech clusters.

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