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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Voices this technology, and today we have more than 700 systems a pretty lofty idea 10 years ago and the development of OPEN- in the ? eld. We are at the point where we are growing the SEA. For 10 years we’ve stayed steadfastly true to our road- company into ? ve segments of the marine industry: Manned map, and that is unique in growth companies. We have stayed and Unmanned Subsea; Manned and Unmanned Surface; and as true and as narrow to our roadmap because I believed that

Diver Systems. there was a better way that operators could operate offshore, (With our platform) an operator can buy a sensor from and operators could be using technology. We sketched out a a manufacturer and plug it into his Greensea system. That roadmap, and it was through integration and it was through is a huge concept in our industry, to provide a core system autonomy; using autonomy as a tool for the operators, not to architecture that allows an operator to integrate any sensor, replace the operators but to elevate the operators. any device, to integrate new technologies, to integrate inertial navigation and positioning and autonomy. From your perspective, put on a curve acceptance of the Our company today is much different than our company attitudes that you’re talking about. Where are we today?

was 10 years ago in the sense that we are now really focused on commercial growth. And we are focused on integrating our The doors have ? ung open and the clouds have parted, products into the marine industry, whereas 10 years ago we because the operators are asking for it.

were focused on technology development.

How are we most the same? We are the same in the sense that Why are the operators asking for it?

when we founded the company, our number one goal was to listen to the operator. And that hasn’t changed at all. How could it not be expected when I look at what I can do with my phone right here. I’m traveling to Florida next week, I

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement? can make my plane reservation, I can make my hotel reserva- tion, I can book restaurants, and it’s all going to be integrated That’s tough. I think in a general sense, the realization of on my calendar. When I arrive it will remind me that I have

NAMJet iNAV, a Greensea Vessel control system, is tested on a Birdon Marine workboat.

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