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The New ROV SuBastian

Controlling SuBastian

The return to the Back-arc was the debut scienti? c mission for the newly built ROV SuBastian. SuBastian was out? tted

SuBastian runs on 100% Greensea controls, including the OPENSEA with a suite of sensors and scienti? c equipment to support operating platform, and in its ? rst science dive had .005% downtime scienti? c data and sample collection, as well as several cam- on over 200 hours subsea. Greensea has been included on all of SuB- eras, including a high de? nition 4K video camera. astian’s dives so far, and the company recently signed a deal to support

The Schmidt Ocean Institute was eager to give SuBastian

SOI’s work in 2017.

and Falkor the capability to stream live footage on YouTube, sharing the experience and data, with the entire scienti? c

Core Software System community as well as the public. The organization believes • Greensea OPENSEA operating platform that open sharing of information is critical to advancing the pace of science forward. As such, they plan to live-stream

Vehicle Control System Software all ROV dives in perpetuity so these videos can be used as a • Greensea Bale? re Vehicle Positioning/Autopilots data set. Students also have access to videos in the classroom • Greensea Bale? re Automated Positioning through a newly developed lesson plan to learn how to do • Greensea Bale? re Sonar Positioning scienti? c video annotation.

Operator Interface

Life among Submarine Volcanoes • Greensea Workspace Mission View

It took two hours for SuBastian to reach the Back-arc sea- • Greensea Workspace Integrated Video View ? oor at depths greater than 3,500 m. On arrival at the new • Greensea Workspace Integrated Sonar View with Target Tracking vent sites scientists, along with a YouTube audience of mil- lions, discovered spectacular chimneys made of sul? de min-

ROV Control & Telemetry Hardware erals, some up to 30 meters (100 feet) tall, and hot ? uid gush- • Greensea Custom Design and Build ing out at temperatures up to 365°C (690°F).

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