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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Sonar & Seafloor Mapping

Veri? cation of Next-Generation Subsea Metrology

Better Measurements, Fast

By Gordon Beattie, Survey Innovation Lead, DOF Subsea UK

OF Subsea, together with panies and service providers, attended and inertial navigation information, it is subsea technology compa- the demonstrations which were held now possible to generate centimeter res- nies Sonardyne, 2G Robotics over three days at The Underwater Cen- olution engineering models from which and Seatronics (an Acteon tre in Fort William. accurate measurements can be instanta-

D company), successfully demonstrated a The event was organized by DOF Sub- neously and repeatably captured.

new underwater surveying technique in sea to showcase the capabilities of dy-

Shared Knowledge &

December that could signi? cantly short- namic mobile mapping. The new tech-

Communication en the time needed to map underwater nique uses a 3D laser scanner ? tted to structures and offshore sites. an ROV to create highly detailed, point In conventional marine construction

Representatives from across the North cloud images of subsea assets and envi- support terminology, metrology is the

Sea energy sector, including senior ? g- ronments. By combining the 3D laser work done by surveyors and ROV to ures from oil majors, contracting com- data with precise underwater acoustic acquire various subsea measurements,

The worksite

All images courtesy DOF Subsea UK

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