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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Scansoft Laser Data image

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All images courtesy DOF Subsea UK

All images courtesy DOF Subsea UK


Real-time Marine Research and

Monitoring Solutions processed in a short time frame with results available on-

Get More and Spend Less with board the vessel, without the requirement to transmit data to shore; additionally results from the AAINS laser metrology the Enduro APT Recorder are proven to be within dictated speci? cation for subsea me-

Acceleration - Pressure - Temperature trology calculations. When asked about the demonstration,

Pieter Jansen, Geomatics Global, said, “The combined sys- tem components brought together and showcased in Fort Wil- ±.005°C Accuracy liam were proof of further advancements within the survey industry, combining technological advancements with opera- 4 GB SDHC tional ef? ciencies. A much welcome and needed approach in an economically hard hit oil and gas industry.” memory

Speaking about the success of the demonstrations, Colin

Cameron, DOF Subsea said, “At DOF Subsea, we pride our-

USB Upload selves on working in partnership with industry leaders to develop new technological solutions to subsea challenges.

The development of this solution is hugely important for the 3-year battery energy sector, and we were delighted with the data that we endurance were able to gather in Fort William. We have proven that the technologies work together in this application and that the

Works on any SBE method can generate the quality and complexity of data re- inductive mooring quired. We believe that using this combination of technology to provide a full metrology solution is an industry ? rst - we can save days on traditional metrology work, and provide much higher quality data. This in turn brings savings to the operations teams running the projects.”

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