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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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scan sonar with optional bathymetry to see down to over 1,000 feet.

sonar, the system is another option for The DFF3D utilizes a new, compact customers interested in utilizing the multi-beam transducer, along with Fu-

AUV for geophysical survey, cable and runo’s own signal processing, to pro- pipeline survey, environmental survey duce images that will help ? nd and track and under ice survey, as well as Mine ? sh in 3D and real time. The transducer

Countermeasures (MCM), Rapid Envi- features a built-in motion sensor, which ronmental Assessment (REA) and Intel- keeps the images stable, even in rough ligence, Surveillance and Reconnais- seas. The DFF3D features four display sance (ISR) surveys. modes: Cross Section, 3D Sounder His-

Equipping the Gavia AUV with the tory, Triple/Single Beam Sounder and survey-grade long range side scan from Side Scan.

Klein Marine Systems creates a mobile (Image: Sea? oor Systems) survey platform with high quality side scan range and resolution. The swath ba-

Sea? oor Systems imaging sonar.

thymetry option allows for wide swath Debuts EchoBoat-G2

With the EchoBoat-G2 it is now pos- performance which is typically 10 to 12 Sea? oor Systems, Inc. has designed sible for harbor patrol and port police times the overall altitude of the AUV. the EchoBoat-G2 unmanned survey ves-

The new module allows customers to sel (USV) to execute survey missions to run regular surveys, impromptu post- storm/event debris mapping or routine have both side scan and swath bathyme- via remote control or semiautonomous- try from a single module. The ? rst deliv- ly, utilizing modi? ed Mission Planner inspection survey missions, for exam- ple—all via remote control and Laptop ery of the Klein UUV 3500 Module will Drone software. With Sea? oor’s Au- occur in Q1 of 2017 and is integrated toNav auto pilot module, the operator on the dock.

The lightweight, portable, multi-pay- with the SeeByte Autotracker software can preplan survey waypoints, upload for autonomous pipeline tracking. The via RF to the vehicle, and the EchoBoat load vehicle is made from noncorrosive

Gavia AUV can also be equipped with drone will automatically execute the materials and includes ef? cient dual-DC thrusters and an internal plug-and-play a camera and strobe system for close in- mission.

survey deck to seamlessly install a va- spection of any targets identi? ed by the Users can inspect, secure and maintain riety of sonar and navigational monitor- sonar system. harbors with the EchoBoat-G2 USV in- ing equipment. tegrated with a Sidescan Sonar, Multi- www.sea? beam sonar system or real-time 2D/3D


Multi-Beam Sonar hits new Depths

Furuno has brought side-scanning capabilities to its NavNet TZtouch and

TZtouch2 MFDs with its latest network sensor called the DFF3D, a multi-beam

Sonar that takes the capability to scan port to starboard under the vessel and adds Furuno’s commercial ? sheries spin on it. The Sonar delivers a sidebar detec- tion range of 650+ feet, while being able

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