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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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For more than 30 years Tecnadyne has been a leader in the worldwide subsea robotics industry, manufacturing under- water brushless DC propulsion systems, rotary and linear actuators, pan and tilt positioners, hydraulic power units, posi- tion sensors and pressure compensators for use on remotely operated vehicles (ROV), autonomous underwater vehi- cles (AUV), manned submersibles and

Image: Forum other subsea platforms.

Many ROV manufacturers (including

ECA Robotics, Deep Ocean Engineer-

Forum ROV Simulator Forum ROV Simulator ing, Outland Technology and Shark

Marine, to name a few) use Tecnadyne thrusters on their vehicles. Tecnadyne @ Cali Science Center@ Cali Science Center products are presently being used on thousands of vehicles throughout the

Forum Energy Technologies, Inc. two missions, one for each simula- world, operated by many offshore oil has delivered a custom-built simula- tor console, each designed to provide service companies, universities and re- tor to California Science Center, the the user with an experience of pilot- search institutions. Recent customers largest hands-on science museum in ing an ROV and using onboard tools include Woods Hole Oceanographic In- the Western U.S. The dual simula- to perform a task. One scenario in the stitute, Stanford University, University tor station provides visitors with the simulation sees users navigating their of Washington APL, Lockheed-Martin, experience of operating a subsea re- way around a series of hydrothermal Boeing, GE Nuclear, Oceaneering In- motely operated vehicle (ROV) for vents billowing out clouds of volcanic ternational, Mitsui Engineering & Ship- themselves.

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