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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Coley Calac Mulcahy downhole applications as a Product a lecturer in science communication


Manager for Optic & HPHT Systems and a PhD researcher.

Jeremy Calac is Product Manager for TE’s Marine, Oil and Gas – Optic and HPHT Systems, TE

Mulcahy business. His areas of expertise

Connectivity – Marine Oil and Gas include electrical and optical dry/ Michael Mulcahy is a former U.S.

With a Master of Science degree with wet mateable connectivity solutions Navy of? cer. He has written more than optical techniques specialties and for subsea distribution, HPHT 100 articles for ocean engineering experience as an École Nationale (High-Pressure, High Temperature) publications. His interests include

Supérieur d’Ingénieurs du Mans applications, reservoir surveillance undersea connectors and cables; (ENSIM) Graduate Engineer at the and oil recovery improvement. marine engineering, naval

Université du Maine in France, architecture, commercial diving,

Calac has more than eight years of

Coley remotely operated vehicle operations experience in providing connectivity

Kira Coley is a freelance science and ship salvage engineering. He is solutions for the offshore oil and writer and regular contributor to a graduate of the University of North gas market. He currently supports

Marine Technology Reporter. She is Carolina at Chapel Hill.

projects for topside, subsea and 65 65

Cluster Focus

Southern California

From the U.S. Navy to Scripps

Institution of Oceanography to hundreds of private companies,

Southern California has a large and growing “Blue Economy.”

By Greg Trauthwein

Photo: Scripps Institution of Oceanography 2017 March 6 MTR

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