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Fish Tracked by DNA ‘Finprints’

Scientists have tracked ? sh off New York by following the traces of DNA left in the water, a technique that could help gauge life in rivers, lakes and the oceans around the world, a study showed. ish leave bits of slimy skin, scales and excretions as they swim around – clues that let scientists detect 42 different species of ? sh including herring, bass and eels in water drawn from the Hudson and East Rivers off Manhattan.

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Searching for Wrecks in the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are home to thousands of shipwrecks, more than 100 of which are yet to be discovered according to historical records. From April through August, research- ers will lead teams using advanced technolo- gies to push the boundaries of underwater archaeological survey and seek yet-to-be- discovered shipwrecks within Lake Huron’s

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. news/history-meets-technology-ship- wreck-547197 (Photo: NOAA) 2017 May 8 MTR

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