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Underwater Defence

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Voices bed mapping transects across the ocean in collaboration with in Galway last year and attracted a large number of business

European, Canadian and U.S. scientists, and the Institute is professionals to various events. SeaFest 2017 will be even leading a consortium of European Research partners, the At- more ambitious attracting a national and international audi- lantic Ocean Coordination and Support Action, to support the ence across a number of sectors: more than 90,000 people are implementation of the Galway Statement on behalf of the Eu- expected to attend. An industry event and trade show focused ropean Commission. on opportunities in the Digital Ocean will take place on June “It can be seen that Ireland has invested heavily in build- 29 followed by the Marine Industry Awards that evening. The ing research and innovation capacity in ocean observation and Our Ocean Wealth Summit takes place on June 30 and will be other areas in order to underpin a dynamic and growing blue followed by a weekend of activities in Galway Harbour.

economy both nationally and internationally,” commented

O’Connor. “This is complemented by government invest- Growing the blue economy ments in other key areas where Ireland has signi

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