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Deployment of the Cable End Equipment (CEE) in Europe for the Horizon 2020 SME forming the main node of the SmartBay Subsea

Instrument with a 16% success rate

Observatory in August 2015. compared to a European average of 6%. In total since the beginning of

H2020, Irish innovative SMEs have received 26.2 million from the SME

Instrument which places Ireland ? rst in Europe for successful participa- tion in this part of Horizon 2020,” stated O’Connor.

Irish researchers are also leading

Coordination and Support Actions in areas such as the Atlantic Ocean

Research Alliance and in strate- gic marine renewable infrastruc- ture projects such as Marinet 2 and

Marinerg-i, hosted by the SFI-fund- ed Marine and Renewable Energy

Centre in Cork. Expertise in algal biore? neries is funded though the

GENIALG project, with researchers in NUI Galway and Aqua TT partici- pating. Under the Fast Track to Inno- vation instrument, companies such as Open Hydro have had success in developing tidal turbine industrial capability.

“2017 will be a pivotal year for Ire- land’s marine economy, with core elements of our national marine plan, Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth, coming together to create an unprec- edented collaborative drive to trans- form our ocean economy,” asserted

O’Connor. “We are determined to demonstrate on a world stage that

Ireland’s marine economy is very much open for business, and that we have the expertise, infrastructure and business environment to offer a compelling case for international businesses across the marine sector to look more closely at Ireland as a partner for growth.”

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