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Underwater Defence

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Obviously there are other world re- the offshore wind industry seems to be gions that are further along the going very well. The last two sales in curve in generating energy from re- New York and North Carolina provide newable sources. Are there any les- very strong indicators of viability. We sons learned that BOEM has sought are now going out and seeking input on to incorporate into its program. additional areas that might be appro-

Meet Yes, I’ll mention a couple. priate for leasing opportunities. I think

One is communication and stakeholder we have turned a corner in the offshore

Jim Bennett involvement, which is not necessar- wind industry and we may be looking ily a lesson learned from Europe, but at a very high level of activity in off- certainly they have let us know it’s an shore wind in the future.

James F. (“Jim”) Bennett has 35 important thing and it is something we years of federal service and has have found out as well. In terms of spe- What are the long term plans, proj- served in a variety of capacities ci

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