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New Products

Ocean Business 2017

Ocean Business 2017 took place at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in Southampton, U.K. from April 4-6, 2017. At the heart of Ocean

Business was a three-day exhibition which brought together manufactur- ers and service providers from across the industry to showcase the latest technological developments.


A lighter version of ultra compact scanning sonar, MRS900L was launched through Ocean Business 2017 in Southampton last week.

MRS900L weighs 410g in air and 190g in water, lighter than its predeces- sor by 30% in air and 50% in water. It can work at depths up to 1,000m.

This ultra compact/light device is designed for navigation of underwater vehicles, search and recovery underwater inspections and diver-held de- vices with its outstanding sonar images and high scanning speeds.


Swiss-based designer and manufacturer of small autonomous underwa- ter vehicles (AUV) Hydromea exhibited its swarm-capable Vertex AUV along with the LUMA250LP optical modem, a Mini FT-07 fast tempera- ture sensor/logger and the DiskDrive underwater thruster (pictured). The

LUMA 250LP is a compact 100 x 50 x 40mm optical modem for fast underwater communication, up to 250kbit/sec, down to 6,000m depth. Its very low standby power consumption makes it ideal for battery-powered infrastructure and video-streaming for mini-ROVs. It also displayed its

Mini FT-07 fast temperature sensor/logger as well as a running Disk-

Drive thruster. Hydromea said it has dramatically increased DiskDrive’s performance, quadrupling the thrust compared to last year’s model.


At Ocean Business 2017, Imagenex featured a selection of multibeam, sidescan and mechanical scanning sonars. Imagenex showcased the next generation in multibeam imaging sonar, the Imagenex Model 965A, an advanced, high-speed, high-resolution system that has been designed to provide fast, reliable and accurate underwater images. The 965A is avail- able in a variety of frequencies and depth ratings.


Kongsberg Maritime showcased a number of new, innovative technolo- gies at Ocean Business, including new subsea monitoring capabilities for the cNODE transponder series, a cNODE Micro miniature subsea posi- tioning transponder for divers and shallow water ROVs, the new Geo-

Swath Compact Survey Vessel (CSV), HiPAP portable acoustic position- ing system for ultra-deep water operations, and for the

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