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Subsea Housings


San Diego based Bellamare offers custom subsea enclosures design ser- vices for client requests ranging from full ocean depth titanium enclo- sures to very shallow plastic housings. The company has CNC machin- ing and fabrication capabilities for materials such as plastic, aluminum, stainless steel and titanium. ictured are two welded aluminum enclosures, 10” ID, ? tted with sapphire viewports mounted at a 10 degrees angle.

Blue Robotics

Blue Robotics’ new aluminum tubes for the 3 Series and 4 Series Wa- tertight Enclosures now offer greater depth ratings, better heat transfer to the water and a hard anodized black ? nish, according to the manufacturer

Both tubes are bored out from the inside for optimal wall thickness and to reduce the enclosure weight. The 3 Series tube is rated for 500 meters (1640 ft) and the 4 Series is rated for 400 meters (1312 ft).

Develogic develogic subsea systems offers a wide range of pressure housings, in- cluding off the shelf standard and customized designs. One of the compa- ny’s specialties is the design of housings with integrated optical compo- nents including large ? at and dome shaped viewports with depth ratings down to 20,000 psi. It is able to manufacture in house subsea housings up to 500mm in diameter and 2,000mm length in all common materials with a focus on Titanium Grade 5. Quality control is supported by vibration, temperature and pressure testing facilities (up to 14,500psi).

Greenaway Marine

Greenaway Marine Ltd of Swindon produces the SUBSEA MODULES

Housings, which accommodate scienti? c equipment, underwater camera units, data loggers, cable junction etc, manufactured, tested and ? nished in house to suit the client’s speci? cation. SUBSEA MODULES can be built with rated depths from 100 to 4,000 meters, and are manufactured in aluminum, 316 stainless, acetal and titanium.

Prevco Subsea Electrical Switch

Prevco subsea have developed a new diver/surface operated subsea elec- trical switch. The switch has several positions allowing for the control of up to 10 different functions with a 4 position switch being standard.

There are many customizable options for the switch including material, number of switch positions and hand held or attachment options and they are all rated to 6,000m. The switch is a complementary addition to our underwater switch capabilities, demonstrated by the Prevco ROV/diver switch.

Prevco Greenaway Develogic Blue Robotics Bellamare

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