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HCS AdvantageOne

Dril-Quip Dril-Quip BigBore-IIe

DXe Wellhead Connector Wellhead System



Company: Dril-Quip, Inc. Company: Halliburton

Product: DXe Wellhead Connector Product: HCS AdvantageOne

The BigBore-IIe is a fully quali? ed wellhead system con- Cementing System sisting of a DXe connection pro? le, integral high-capacity The HCS AdvantageOne offshore cementing system address- hanger lock-down, superior system fatigue and high-capacity es the complexities of deepwater with the versatility for use running tools. The BigBore-IIe provides drilling cost savings in all offshore environments. This intuitive system enables re- by reducing the number of trips into the well, elimination mote operations, has an integrated liquid additive system for of drilling/production lock-down equipment and allows for precise slurry blending and predictive maintenance capabili- reduction of casing strings. ties with shore based monitoring to help preempt equipment- related nonproductive time.

Company: Dril-Quip, Inc.

Product: BigBore-IIe Wellhead System Company: Halliburton

Dril-Quip’s DXe wellhead connector, suitable for HPHT and Product: EcoStar severe cyclic load environments, has a highly engineered The Halliburton EcoStar Electric Tubing-Retrievable Safety locking pro? le and gasket design providing high structural Valve is the world’s ? rst electric downhole safety valve (e- capacity and high fatigue-resistance resulting in longer ser- DHSV). The valve eliminates hydraulic ? uid to enable a fully vice life. The technology of this critical connection is validat- electric completion system with zero risk of exposing elec- ed beyond API-16A-PR2/API-TR7 requirements with both tronics to produced wellbore ? uids while retaining the same structural and fatigue physical testing. failsafe mechanism as today’s conventional safety valves.

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