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Underwater Defence

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Teledyne Marine Vehicles

Proven Solutions for Demanding Defense Applications

Mine Counter Measures Submarine Systems

Imaging, Lights, and Sensor Solutions for

Mine Hunting and Relocation ROVs

Connectors, Assemblies, and Towed Arrays

Connector Assemblies for Portable Ship

Control Systems (PSCS)

Vehicles, Imaging and Sensors for Remote Survey

Connectors, Cable Assemblies, Pressure Hull

Penetrators, and Sensors

Imaging, Lights, Sensors,

Cameras, Lights, Imaging Sonars, and Cables for ROVs

Tethered Vehicles

Navigation Aids, and Sensors


ISR/ASW REA/Mapping and Terrain Navigation

Instruments, Sensors, and

Towed Arrays

Imaging for Surface Ships Towed Vehicles and

Vehicles and Sonars for

Imaging Solutions for

Shallow Water Mapping 6HD´RRU0DSSLQJ

Towed Vehicles and Imaging

Vehicles, Imaging, and Instruments 6ROXWLRQVIRU6HD´RRU0DSSLQJ for Change Detection and Threat Location

Vehicles and Sensors for Persistent

Environmental Monitoring

Vehicles, Imaging, and Sensors for Remote Survey

Cables, Connectors and Assemblies,

Sensors, and Mounts for Modular

Ocean Floor Sensor Networks and

Surveillance Sensor Arrays

Acoustic Communication and

Positioning Solutions

Cables, Connectors and Assemblies, Sensors, and Mounts for Modular Ocean Floor Sensor

Networks, Surveillance Sensor Arrays, and

Acoustic Positioning Nodes

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