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USN Christens


The U.S. Navy christened its newest

Virginia-class fast attack submarine, the future USS Indiana (SSN 789), during an April 29 ceremony at Hun- tington Ingalls Shipyard in Newport

News, Va. Vice President Mike Pence, who previously served as the 50th governor of Indiana, delivered the ceremony’s principal address.

U.S. Navy photo courtesy Huntington Ingalls Industries by Ashley Major



Researchers at the University of New Hampshire looked at seaweed populations over the last 30 years in the Southwestern

Gulf of Maine and found the once predominant and towering kelp seaweed beds are declining and more invasive, shrub-like species have taken their place, altering the look of the ocean ? oor and the base of the marine food chain.

http://www.marinetechnology- invasive-seaweed-548039 (Photo: Kristen Mello/UNH) 2017 June 8 MTR

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