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Hydrographic Survey

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From the standpoint of the NOC, now with about 20 companies – large One is that will enable us to work with what are you doing to help scientists ones who are users and small compa- businesses. It’s a way of diversifying our and technologists take their ideas so nies who are working alongside us in a income and it’s a way of demonstrat- that they can be out in the world to number of projects to develop innova- ing to government, who is the primary “make a difference?” tive autonomous systems. It has been funder of oceanographic sciences, that Absolutely right, Greg, this is re- successful and growing, and we have it’s worth putting public money into ally important, to turn great science many projects underway; it is a real hub oceanographic sciences because we do into great business innovation, to create for bringing all of us together: academ- make a real difference to businesses. jobs and create great businesses that can ics, the users, technology companies, Also we are investigating technolo- work effectively in the ocean. We have as well as engaging with some of the gies because this is going to transform been working very hard at this in the public regulators of how this technology the science – the things that we need to

National Oceanography Center. will be used in the ocean. We are trying be doing scienti

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