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Hydrographic Survey

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names, positions, start/stop times, features (shoals, wrecks) In the year 2000, QPS introduced the guided work? ow to and unique observations that may pertain to any line. During the QINSy software to assist their users in the setup process. data processing, we incorporate checklists to ensure proper The process includes a guided wizard based setup for proj- application of such things as tides, sound velocity, post-pro- ect preparation, including automated folder creation; template cessed heave, etc. The common denominator with survey logs database creation (guided geodesy, vessel setup, hardware and checklists is that they require manual (analog) input with interfacing); and online preparation, including data recording cognitive feedback to ensure quality. Unlike systematic TPU setup, pre-data ? ltering, calibrations and ? eld checks. which can be calculated human TPU is unpredictable and can- not be measured. Typical areas for Human TPU are: Paradigm Shift

The production of high quality products from high-resolu- • Transcription: There may be up to three different coor- tion data is a dif? cult task even for the experienced hydrogra- dinate frame conventions that exist within a single installation pher. Despite ? eld procedure improvements, the hydrographic spread across a minimum of eight software interfaces (Fig. 2). work? ow is complex since it requires a human to connect all • Processing: Failing to apply imported ancillary data the pieces to produce a ? nal product. Following in suite with • Reprocessing: the QINSy model, QPS has evolved the guided work? ow into o Changing con? gurations and then not triggering the the processing portion of the work? ow. The solution is known appropriate reprocessing as Qimera and represents a paradigm shift in hydrographic o Not triggering the appropriate reprocessing for the processing. Qimera incorporates the QINSy hydrographic ? les that need it engine with the Fledermaus 4D visualization and multicore • Folder Con

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