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machine learning and ees. BluHaptics has won several grants force feedback to provide from multiple agencies, including Na- safety and ef? ciency pre- tional Science Foundation, DOD and viously not possible with NASA. analog/standard control. The company is currently developing

Its software is designed software for NASA to support robotic to make manipulators operations on the ISS, Lunar and Mars and ROVs more intui- Programs. BluHaptics ? rst software pro- tive and easy to operate, vides a plug and play game pad control reducing cognitive stress system for the Schilling T-4 manipula- on pilots and while pro- tor. There are several assistive features viding a more intuitive that provide distinct advantages over

BluHaptics and adaptive interface for the legacy controller, including tool off-

BluHaptics pilots. sets, locking on a plane etc. Future ver-

Seattle, WA USA

BluHaptics was started in 2013 with sions of the software will be available the mission of helping the U.S. Navy on other arms, and will include real time achieve enough safety and precision mapping, sensor fusion and machine

BluHaptics is developing software that with ROVs to help clean up unexploded learning. seeks to transition subsea robotics from ordnance and munitions. The company BluHaptics has signed a major dis- manual to augmented and automated was spun out of the UW Applied Phys- tribution deal with J2 Subsea for their control. It leverages parallel processing, ics Lab and has grown to nine employ- DEXOS manipulator control software.

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