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Shark Marine Technologies

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada •

Canada-based Shark Marine Technologies Inc. develops On June 18, 2017, four aquanauts and two habitat techni- equipment and technologies for some of the most elite mili- cians descended to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean almost tary and law enforcement agencies across the globe, search 6 km off the Florida Keys for NEEMO 22, a 10-day analog and recovery organizations, scienti? c research, survey ? rms, mission with objectives similar to that of the exploration of commercial diving, as well as ? lm production companies. The Mars. The mission allowed the aquanauts to live and work company supplies diver held sonar and navigation systems, in an inhospitable environment where they conduct simulated diver delivery systems, software, ROVs and accessories, sonar spacewalks (EVA), to collect and perform scienti? c explora- systems, magnetometers, tether management solutions, video tion and to test tools and procedures that could be used in systems, connectors as well as other custom solutions for cus- future space missions. For the recently completed NEEMO tomers on all continents and in every ocean. 22, Shark Marine provided its dive tablet with DNS for crew

Since 2014, Shark Marine has supplied equipment for navi- navigation and its SubNET underwater communication sys- gation and diver transport to assist in NASA’s Extreme En- tem to provide navigation data from the Aquanauts back to the vironment Missions Operations (NEEMO) projects, which Aquarius habitat and then back to the Mission Control Cen- send groups of astronauts, engineers and scientists to live in ter (MCC) on shore. In addition, to provide robotic assistance the undersea research station Aquarius, owned and operated for the project, Shark Marine’s Barracuda remotely operated by Florida International University, for up to three weeks at vehicle (ROV) has been modi? ed with added wheels and up a time. trailers for toting scienti? c equipment.

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