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THE MTR 100 - 12th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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MASSA Products Corp.

Hingham, Mass., USA

Massa has more than 165 patents and more than 70 years’ experience in in- novating the ? eld of electro acoustics.

Massa has successfully performed on more than 650 sonar development and production contracts, and has received more than 100 contracts during the past ? ve years. Massa develops many differ- ent ultrasonic & sonar transducer and system designs for use in gas and liquid.

Massa was featured in TIME magazine was personally credited by the U.S. Sec- tion of sonar and ultrasonic products; 2Xs for amazing engineering and pro- retary of the Navy in the 1950s for his and today his fundamental values are duction feats. work in sonar development and produc- still practiced at Massa Products Corpo-

Massa was founded in 1945 by Frank tion. Frank, and his sons Frank Jr. and ration. Massa is a family company with

Massa, AKA “the Father of Modern So- Don, have all contributed to the funda- Don Massa (pictured above, left), CTO nar Transducers.” He co-authored the mental patents in electro acoustic design & President, and Dawn Massa Stancav- very ? rst text book in the ? eld of electro that have paved the way for sonar and ish, (pictured above, right) Director, and acoustics entitled, ‘Applied Acoustics’ ultrasonic systems development. Frank New Products Manager.

(Olson & Massa, 1934). Frank Massa pioneered in the design and the produc-

Resen Waves

Lyngby, Denmark • • Annual Sales: $300,000.00

Resen Waves claims to be the ? rst wave energy company in the world on its way to be commercial and pro? table in 2017/18, based on a unique business model for wave energy and a low weight and very cost effective patented technology.

Resen Waves claims to have pioneered a new technology and business model for wave energy, which makes it possible to start in small scale and grow the business organically to big scale based on commercial terms, without feed-in tariffs. It is positioned as a low risk approach with a moderate invest- ment level. The ? rst commercial market, which Resen Waves

Resen Waves Massa Products moving parts and low weight, which is essential for future addresses with small scale wave energy buoys, provides au- low-cost manufacturing and scaling of the business. When the tonomous power and real-time data access to instruments and machinery in the oceans, which solves the hassle and cost of wave pushes or lifts the buoy up and down the mooring line exchanging battery packs in the sea and not having real-time reels on and off a drum in the buoy and makes electricity with a direct mechanical to electric drive. The electricity is either data access to the instruments. Business opportunities include: small scale buoys for autonomous instruments and real-time feed to the grid or to an autonomous grid on the sea bed. A data connection: $100 million market; medium scale buoys ? ber optic link in the mooring lines provides real-time data ac- cess to the instruments or machinery in the sea. This technol- for replacing diesel generation in coastal areas and on islands, ogy allows us to operate small buoys in full ocean exposure, $20 billion market, and big scale buoys for utility scale pro- which is the key to starting small and growing the business duction at offshore wind farms ($100 billion market).

Resen Waves has created the business foundation with a to big systems in the future. The structural weight per kW generator capacity is only 300kgs, which is comparable with patented buoy technology which ef? ciently converts the hori- zontal and vertical wave motion into electric power with few big scale wind turbines, and essential for commercialization.

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