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THE MTR 100 - 12th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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Subsea Test Center during trials in the Trondheimsfjord shows the potential of the Eelume vehicle to signi? cantly improve inspection and light intervention operations on subsea installations. We were also able to bring Eelume to our stand at the Ocean Business exhibition in April, and it t proved to be one of the highlights of the show.” “ “Fusion of Underwater Systems”

Impact Subsea

Impact Subsea was founded at the beginning of 2015 with an aim of creating truly innovative underwater prod- ucts. Over the past year, the company has expanded its

TECHNOLOGY DISRUPTORS range of underwater altimeters, introduced an underwater r

Flooded Member Detection (FMD) system, and bought a new highly compact and high accuracy heading, pitch and roll device to market, the groundbreaking ISM3D. The unit is extremely compact, at just 65mm in length and depth rated to 6,000m. This makes the unit ideal for all underwater vehicles. There is also an OEM version for di- rect integration into the smallest of AUVs and ROVs. The

Image: Impact Subsea

Image: Kongsberg Maritime

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