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Image: Hydromea lect data for explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) as the short “ detection range of the used magnetometers makes a typical “Meet the Vertex Swarming AUV”

EOD-survey very expensive and time-consuming.”

Vertex is designed to be replicated using mass-production

Hydromea processes, and Hydromea has even spun off several of its tech- nologies into self-contained products.

Hydromea co-founders Alexander Bahr and Felix Schill have The LUMA 250LP is a compact 6,000m-depth rated opti- introduced the Vertex autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) cal modem for fast short-range underwater communication. featuring the ? rst real swarm capability, and with it have taken Its low power-mode makes it suited for the deployment with a new approach to increase sampling density when surveying battery-powered equipment.

the water column for physical-chemical parameters. The patented DiskDrive thruster’s low cross-section makes it

Combining years of research in distributed localization and well suited for low-drag control thrusters and its hub-less de- underwater mesh communication with hardware engineered sign minimizes the risks of blockage through debris. Its built- to leverage the results of this work, the Swiss duo have devel- in CAN-bus based motor controller simpli? es integration and oped a proprietary AUV designed to operate in large groups of the hall sensor allow for quick reversal and precise control a 20-50 units or more. The very small 70cm AUV weighs only low speeds.

7kg and maintains high navigation accuracy without large and costly navigation equipment such as FOG and DVL. It also “ provides intra-vehicle communication for sophisticated co- “The Experienced Newcomer” operative behaviors without the need for large and expensive acoustic modems.

M2 Subsea

Hydromea said it will use a large swarm of these AUVs to provide an underwater sensing service, collecting physical/ chemical water quality parameters with very high spatial reso- M² Subsea is a new name in the subsea services business, but lution and at much reduced per-sample cost when compared a look within reveals no lack of experience. The company’s to existing methods. The data is collected in many locations CEO, Mike Arnold, has worked in the subsea sector for more in parallel and can thus provide an accurate snapshot of fast than 35 years, and now with his team of industry veterans, changing phenomena. formed M² Subsea, an experienced newcomer.

“This data will visualize complex out? ow plumes of water- Entering a downturned market, M² Subsea set out in 2016 as treatment or desalination plants which are critical for pre- and a new, differentiated player in the ROV marketplace. Backed post-construction impact assessment and are currently only by private equity ? rm Alchemy Special Opportunities, the obtained through sparse sampling and complex simulation/ company acquired 32 ROVs from distressed Norwegian com- modeling,” Bahr said. “The swarm is also well suited to col- pany Harkand. These ROVs, which range from observation

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