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THE MTR 100 - 12th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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latest technology camera, lighting and positioning systems for extreme ocean- ographic, industrial, commercial and military applications and environments.

TOS headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in San Diego.

ROS is an ISO-9001-2008 certi? ed company with a 28,000 square foot re- search and manufacturing facility. Its product line includes underwater video cameras, lights, rugged pan and tilt po-

Ocean Sonics Ltd.

sitioning systems, video inspection sys-

Nova Scotia, Canada tems and control systems manufactured primarily for the oceanographic, nuclear

Ocean Sonics manufactures the icListen and defense industries. ROS manufac-

Smart Hydrophone, a passive acoustic turing is a cell-based operation, incor- monitoring system, combining smart porating one-piece ? ow and 5S lean manufacturing environment. electronics with high signal perfor-

Its headquarters and manufacturing mance to give customers the best digital facility houses a modern machine shop, hydrophone technology. Creating digital hydro-static pressure test tanks, elec- hydrophone arrays is now simple. Con- tronic labs, advanced computer model- nect two or more icListen Smart Hydro- ing, prototyping systems and environ- phones together and they self-synchro- nize, operating as one. Whether using mental test chambers. internal hydrophone memory, or log- ging multi-channel data externally, us-

RJE International ers record multichannel array data. The

Irvine, CA, USA

Ocean Sonics approach offers a wide range of geometries, including vertical,

RJE International horizontal, very small geometrical ar-

RJE International supplies acoustic recently selected as the equipment of rays or spread out over many kilometers.

choice for the NUW Center in Keyport, marking and relocation systems, subsea vehicle and equipment moorings, diver Washington to support their underwater tracking operations. It continues to inno- navigation and sonar systems, under-

Remote Ocean Systems water communications and small boat vate new equipment, releasing the new

San Diego, CA, USA navigation for military and commercial and improved DPR-275/PRS-275, a divers worldwide. Its products boast a diver pinger receiver and pinger receiver

For more than 40 years Remote Ocean high level of quality and are designed system that can track and locate any for a rigorous subsea environment. Its acoustic pinger operating between 5 to

Systems has been a leader in the devel- opment and manufacture of reliable, end-of-run location mini-pingers were 80 Hz. It also unveiled the DG100 Digi- tal Depth Gauge, which ensures diver safety by alarming them when they are exceeding their boundaries underwater.

Alongside these recent additions, it is updating its VADR-6000M, an acoustic directional receiver that helps ROV and

AUV operators track sources of sound, with improved software to extend its ca- pabilities. RJE International specializes in customization to serve its wide vari- ety of clients, and most of its equipment can be out? tted for a speci? c task.

Remote Ocean Systems Ocean Sonics

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