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THE MTR 100 - 12th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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Teledyne Marine

Charting innovation across the Teledyne family of brands is a year-long coverage endeavor. MTR gives it best effort in context of the MTR100.

advanced sonar technology. The group offers a product portfolio for subsea im- aging and multibeam echosounder so- lutions in a variety of application areas including offshore, hydrography, civil engineering and dredging as well as de- fense and security.

Its Engineering Services department has more than 40 engineers and hydro- graphic surveyors focused on providing customer support, with six worldwide operating service centers and a global network of service partners. Speci? c to underwater cameras and LED light- ing, Teledyne Marine Imaging provides extreme temperatures found in manned through-life support and can provide vi-

Teledyne Marine InterconnectTeledyne Marine Interconnect sion or lighting solutions for almost ev-

Teledyne Marine Interconnect inte- or unmanned subsea vehicles and down- ery subsea and offshore requirement via grates the resources of Teledyne AG hole well applications

Geophysical, ODI, DGO, Impulse and • Encapsulation/molding: Design standard or combined systems.

In the multibeam echosounder market,

Cable Solutions, supplying electrical, and development of complex encapsula- customers often expect constant func- optical and hybrid interconnect solu- tion/molding solutions for subsea com- tionality and cost ef? ciency improve- tions for industries like offshore energy, ponents ments, especially in the defense sector defense and ocean science that rely on • High-performance cables: Custom- where demand for mature, ruggedized submersible connectors, penetrators, ca- engineered, application-speci? c multi- solutions are driving new technology ble assemblies and terminations, and en- core electrical and optical solutions

The Interconnect group recently and solutions for forward looking imag- capsulation and molding for connectiv- ity in challenging conditions like deep launched a series of “Active Flying ing sonars, software solutions to support operations.

water, extreme temperatures or high Lead” products that allows more ? ex-

Another existing growth area is occur- differential pressures. Teledyne Marine ibility in existing or new subsea power ring around infrastructure monitoring

Interconnect can power subsea instru- and data networks. The technology con- ments or sensors, or transmit signals via sists of a compact housing integrated and repair works of marine construc-

Ethernet or ? ber optics from three feet into a pressure-balanced cable with tions, inland waters and harbors, and wet-mate connectors on both ends of here the combined solution offering to three miles deep. Its capabilities in- between Teledyne BlueView, RESON, clude: the assembly. The housing can accom- • Connectors: Range of standard or modate a variety of customer-speci? ed Odom and Bowtech are suited to solve electronics that can be used to lengthen challenges in this ? eld.

custom solutions from miniature dry-

Teledyne BlueView launched several mate instrumentation connectors to sub- distances between subsea nodes or in- sea power and ? ber optic wet mateable strument platforms, reduce the need for new products around the 2D forward additional routing modules or convert looking and 3D scanning sonar prod- connectors • Cable/pressure balanced oil-? lled media signals for additional equipment uct lines, particularly the 360° pro? ling sonar, T2250 capable of gathering over assemblies: Electrical, optical and me- capability or system upgrades.

45,000 range measurements per second. chanical assemblies designed and man-

It is a turnkey system with onboard data

Teledyne Marine ImagingTeledyne Marine Imaging ufactured using various materials and logging and real-time collection and molding techniques Teledyne Marine Imaging group de- • Hull penetrators and feedthrough velop and manufacture acoustic and visualization capabilities through Tele- digital imaging systems ranging from dyne PDS software, ideal for 3D pro? l- systems: Electrical and optical intercon- nect for high differential pressures or high-resolution underwater cameras to ing inside tunnels from 2m to 16m di-

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