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THE MTR 100 - 12th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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Forum Energy Technologies

Houston, TX, USA •

Forum Energy Technologies, Inc. is a leader in the supply of Eleven separate divisions combine to provide its comprehen-

ROVs, technology, tooling and software to the subsea sector. sive service offering. The company’s legacy brands represent

Over the past year the ? rm has developed and provided equip- some of the best known in the business. The most recogniz- ment to support survey, marine construction work, salvage able include Perry and Sub-Atlantic (ROVs); B + V Oil Tools, work, offshore wind farm and educational projects as well as P-Quip, Pipe Wranglers and Vanoil (tubular handling); Dy- its core oil and gas and energy market. nacon (LARS and winches); and Davis-Lynch, Cannon and

Forum Energy Technologies, Inc. is a global oil? eld prod- Merrimac (downhole products). ucts company, serving the drilling, subsea, completion, pro- Included in its subsea technology portfolio with 11 busi- duction and infrastructure sectors of the oil and natural gas ness lines are our ROVs; such as the Sub-Atlantic Comanche industry. The company’s products include highly engineered and Mojave electric observation class vehicles and its Perry capital equipment as well as products that are consumed in the XLX-C and XLX 200HP work class systems. Forum has also drilling, well construction, production and transportation of recently released version 11 of its VisualSoft software prod- oil and natural gas. Forum is headquartered in Houston, with uct suite which is widely used during survey and inspection manufacturing and distribution facilities strategically located of subsea assets, in particular pipelines and cables. In addi- around the globe. Its subsea technologies include an exten- tion, Forum Subsea Rentals, offers subsea equipment for the sive range of ROVs, rugged vehicles used by global rental market. FSR currently operates the subsea industry for trenching, electronic out of three locations in Aberdeen, Houston observation, hydraulic work and submarine and Singapore offering a full range of OEM rescue. It also providses a full range of tether- rental products to all ROV and survey off- ing, tooling, robotic components and launch shore projects. Having acquired MacArtney’s and recovery systems. Its thrusters, tether EMO range, the company can provide DOM- management systems and buoyancy foam are INO-7 Mk II and NANO-MUX multiplexers used by other ROV manufacturers. in response to a growing demand for compact,

Forum specializes in developing technology lightweight designs which deliver enhanced from its bases worldwide to bene? t the ener- operational ef? ciencies while supporting a gy sector with a strong focus on subsea work. complex array of subsea sensors.

Prady Iyyanki, CEO & President


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