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THE MTR 100 - 12th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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Houston, TX USA

InterMoor, an Acteon company, is a mooring, foundations and subsea servic- es provider delivering solutions for rig

Sensor Technology moves, mooring services and offshore installation projects. It supports opera-

ASV Global tors and contractors worldwide with its

Sensor Technology Ltd. ASV Global engineering, fabrication, shore base,

Collingwood, ON, Canada Portchester, Hampshire, U.K.

survey and positioning and inspection services to provide customized solu-

In the last year Sensor Technology tions. For operators and contractors who

Having delivered more than 80 autono- require rig moves or who need to anchor introduced two piezoelectric ceramics FPUs, MODUs, TADs, barges and other mous systems, ASV Global maintains a formulated to match the performance ? oating structures, InterMoor’s mooring leading position in the growing market of Channel 5400 and 5800 (these two services provide an integrated solution for Autonomous Surface Vessel technol- popular materials were withdrawn from that focuses on reducing cost, time and ogy. The company’s expertise combin- the market), developed a number of hy- ing platform manufacturing and control risk. InterMoor engineers actively par- drophones speci? cally for ocean bottom system development brings the latest ticipate in the planning, engineering, lo- seismic nodes and upgraded its Quality gistics, installation, and recovery opera- in maritime autonomous technology to

Management System to ISO 9001:2015. market. ASV Global platforms are in tions for the vast majority of its mooring

Many know Sensor Technology Ltd. as projects. Consequently, its knowledge operation across the globe within a va- a manufacturer of custom hydrophones of installation equipment, vessels and riety of industries.

and acoustic/ultrasonic transducers. offshore methods allows InterMoor to

ASV Global vehicles and control

Others are familiar with Sensor Technol- systems are designed, built, ? tted and offer the expertise needed to realize safe ogy as a piezoelectric ceramics vendor. and ef? cient installation jobs. InterMoor tested from the company’s facilities in

The company actually does both, from a also extends its oil and gas expertise to Portsmouth, U.K. and Louisiana, U.S. single facility in Ontario, Canada. ASV Global have operated vessels in

The company commonly develops aquaculture and renewable projects such

Europe, U.S., Asia, Australia and Af- as ? oating wind and marine energy con- custom transducers for the oil and gas, verters.

rica. A recent application of ASV tech- ? sheries, general marine and defense nology includes an 11-day mission off industries. Applications range from the north coast of Scotland. ASV Global mine hunting and sub-bottom imaging operated an autonomous catamaran col- to trawl monitoring and marine seismic lecting marine scienti? c data from its exploration. Outside of the marine envi- Mission Control facility in Portchester ronment the company has designed cus- using satellite communication links. tom hydrophones for applications such The autonomous vessel dubbed Thomas as medical imaging, oil well logging was monitored round the clock by the and gas ? ow measurement. Taking a company’s expert team of remote opera- custom transducer from concept, to pro- tors using live data feedback from the totype, to production, requires a ? exible ASView control system as well as the manufacturing facility. SensorTech can onboard cameras and sensors. In other produce prototypes and small qualify- instances ASV Global technology has ing batches. At the same time, the com- been used to compliment traditional pany is capable of ramping up to large methods of working at sea instead of re- production quantities. Hydrophone out- placing them. As part of a mission for put has been as high as 6,000 units per a survey company, the ASV Global C- week. To date, SensorTech has shipped Worker 5 autonomous vessel was used more than 1 million hydrophones. for seabed mapping. Using the C-Work- er 5 in parallel to the traditional survey vessel doubled the survey coverage sav- ing 25 days at sea – a huge cost saving.


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