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THE MTR 100 - 12th Annual Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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bined observation/light work class sub- mersible rated to 3,300 ft. (1000m). c) Sword? sh 2500 and 5000, a two- person work class submersible rated to 2,500 and 5,000 ft. respectively.

d) The Seahorse Coastal Support Ves- sel and Mother Ship. e) Subsea Tooling and Fabrication ser- vices.

f) Submersible Wet Leasing and Op- erational support services.

Blue Ocean Monitoring

Western Australia, Australia

Blue Ocean is a data service provider, specializing in the deployment of long duration autonomous survey platforms.

It is an independently run private com-

Aquabotix Technology

HD video and transfers a live feed to pany headquartered in Western Austra-

Aquabotix the surface on the user’s iPad or laptop lia, and has gone from a three-person

Fall River, MA USA computer. AquaLens Connect can be start up in 2014 to a multinational entity used individually or with multiple units with

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