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Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks

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Products: Software Solutions simulations which equated to around

QPS Inc.

QPS makes software for collection, 57,000 hours, or just over six years of post processing and visualization of simulation time. Eight terabytes of sim- maritime geomatic data. Its products ulation ? le binary data were saved, and partner third party products to solve AELCloud processed a total of 1.5 bil- problems and gain ef? ciencies for mari- lion data points for critical metrics in the time related survey business. system. AELCloud, which took about a

Qastor is an Electronic Chart Software year to develop, enables all data transfer, (ECS) that enables navigation, piloting results speci? cation, results post-pro- and precise docking, as well as several cessing and reporting to be performed other applications such as oil and gas automatically on a secure web applica-

FPSO/SPM mooring, patrol vessel and tion, effectively slashing the number of tugboat operations. manual steps required to report results.

QINSy is a software suite used for

TCarta Marine various types of maritime geomatic sur- veys, ranging from simple single beam TCarta Marine LLC provides bathy- surveys up to the very complex offshore metric and marine data sets extending construction works. from the shallow coastal zone to the

Qimera (pictured) is designed as an continental shelf. Its product lines in- easy to use yet powerful sonar data pro- clude high-resolution satellite-derived cessing application. Built using core water depth and sea? oor map products,

QPS technologies, As well as QINSy as well as 90 meter and 30 meter GIS- projects, Qimera supports the major raw ready bathymetric data aggregated from sonar ? le formats and by working with numerous information sources. Its new the Dynamic Work? ow it revolutionizes BATHYMETICS portal is a unique in- the way data is handled and the opera- stantly accessible off the shelf global tor experience when processing hydro- Bathymetry product.

graphic data. Fledermaus interacts in 4D TCarta Marine is now working in with geographical datasets, providing partnership with DHI Group to create added value in data processing ef? cien- a global satellite derived bathymetry cy, quality control accuracy, data analy- database. All depths are extracted from sis completeness and project integration DigitalGlobe WorldView-2 and World- that promotes clear communication. View-3 multi-spectral satellite imagery using a customized, proprietary algo- rithm, and then a modeled tidal adjust-


Subsea engineering analysis consul- ment is applied. tancy AgileTek produced an online plat-

BluHaptics form AELCloud that is designed to run analysis and simulations on clients’ local BluHaptics’ software seeks to transi- servers and the cloud to reduce required tion subsea robotics from manual to simulation time and ensure information augmented and automated control. It is high-quality and traceable. leverages parallel processing, machine

A recent project for Fugro required learning and force feedback. Its software many simulated subsea power cable in- is designed to make manipulators and stallation operations to be performed to ROVs more intuitive and easy to oper- verify procedures, component sizes and ate, reducing cognitive stress on pilots weather windows. For this, AgileTek and while providing a more intuitive and rolled out AELCloud and was able to adaptive interface for pilots. BluHaptics’ scale server capacity on demand. On this ? rst software provides a plug and play subsea installation project alone, Agile- game pad control system for the Schil-

BluHaptics TCarta Marine AgileTek QPS

Tek ran approximately 27,000 OrcaFlex ling T-4 manipulator.

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