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Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks

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Gregory R. Trauthwein

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FLORIDA 215 NW 3rd St., Boynton Beach, FL 33435

Tel: (561) 732-4368; Fax: (561) 732-6984 bove all else I enjoy talking to the pioneers of this subsea industry, the people that


John C. O’Malley literally started in a garage and built something that had never been built before, or

Amade a dramatic technical leap to an existing system. While we cover the quantum leaps in subsea technology everyday online at and in each

Associate Publisher & Editor edition of MTR, it is amazing to speak with pioneers from the ‘60s and ‘70s, understand-

Gregory R. Trauthwein ing the changes they made, the technology they created, before the PC and the Internet existed. Marty Klein is one of those pioneers, and this month we are pleased to present

Managing Editor

Eric Haun an interesting double feature on the man and the company he founded, both authored by

Eric Haun. Starting on page 16 we visit with Marty Klein, and as side the photo of an early side scan sonar at the Ixtoc oil

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