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Ocean Observation: Gliders, Buoys & Sub-Surface Networks

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M2 Subsea

SMD Arnold Drone survey offshore.

greatest depth rating of any vehicle in resolution EM 712 multibeam echo its class. Since the initial sale of Gavia sounders for the medium icebreakers

AUVs to the oil and gas sector in 2007, CCGS Pierre Radisson and the CCGS

Gavia AUVs have been operated globally Des Groseilliers. by service providers for a variety of The retractable design of the new EM commercial oil and gas surveys with 712 echo sounder systems optimizes proven industry accepted results. performance of the sounder when deployed and protects it when the vessel

Vryhof Expands is breaking ice.

Vryhof, a provider of anchoring and mooring solutions, expands its global

Vryhof DNV GL footprint with its companies Deep


Sea Mooring (DSM) opening a new of? ce in Aberdeen and Vryhof Anchors appointing Singapore-based Franklin

Offshore as its exclusive representative for selling Vryhof solutions in a number of Asia

Containerized Diving Systems

Submarine Manufacturing and

Products Ltd. (SMP) announce that it had won a contract with the U.K.

Ministry of Defense (MoD) to design and manufacture two 20 ft. DNV

Containerized Diving Systems (CDS).

SMP was selected through a tender process to design, manufacture and supply two identical 20 ft. DNV CDS.

SMP said these systems will be based on a past proven design created by SMP.

CCC’ New Mapping Capability

Kongsberg Maritime said the Canadian


Coast Guard has chosen its high

BTOWU vessel Fantastiko.

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