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Image: Kongsberg Maritime

CRD100 Sea? oor Drill


The snake-like Eelume underwater robot is essentially a self-pro- pelled robotic arm designed to live permanently underwater and carry out underwater intervention, maintenance and repair (IMR) tasks. Its unique ability to change shape enables it to work in con- ? ned spaces not accessible by conventional vehicles and allows intricate interactions using a diverse toolset including torque tools, grippers and specialized maintenance equipment. The Eelume so- lution is a result of an agreement signed by Kongsberg Maritime and Statoil with Eelume, a NTNU spin-off company, to accelerate new technology that sets out to reduce costs related to subsea IMR.

CRD100 Sea? oor Drill

Cellula Robotics’ CRD100 is a fourth generation sea? oor drill designed to operate in waters down to 3,000m for geotechni- cal surveys, mineral exploration and methane gas hydrates sam- pling. Designed on proven subsystems from previous projects, the

CRD100 provides a level of automation that facilitates ef? cient core sampling and Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) measure- ments. A wireline tool system further enhances the speed of deep borehole drilling. CPT results are transmitted to the surface in real time, allowing sampling pro? les to be optimized as the drill program progresses. The tool carousel supports standard Com- mercial off The Shelf (COTS) size H tooling providing ø60 mm core samples. Custom carousels can be supplied to support mis- sion speci? c tools up to ø160 mm outside diameter. An integrated navigation, maneuvering and landing package allows the drill to be accurately deployed without any need for an external ROV. A suite of sensors including a precision depth sensor, altimeters and altitude sensors provide real time feedback to the surface operators during the landing of the drill. This is supplemented with landing cameras. Hydraulically adjustable legs allow the drill to be leveled on slopes up to 30°.

Image: Cellula Robotics

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