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Acoustic Doppler Sonar Technologies ADCP & DVLs

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Christopher Katalinus NOAA Sea Grant


Maine oyster farmers Jeff McKeen and Tyler Hild.

vessel, Deep Volans, and con? gured it to laying business in exchange for an eq- intelligence-based navigation software track a WSM 6+ transponder mounted uity stake of 23.6 percent in Global Ma- into unique subsea inspection solutions on a remotely operated towed vehicle rine Holdings LLC (parent company of for the oil and gas, offshore renewable (ROTV) Iron Lady. Accurate position- Global Marine Systems Limited) valued energy and shipping industries.

ing is paramount for the Iron Lady’s at $65 million, and a one year secured The partnership expands capabilities control software in order to ‘? y’ the vendor loan of $ 7.5 million. Fugro said for inspections of ship and FPSO hulls, 6-meter-wide, gradiometer UXO set-up it will realize a gain on this transaction, underwater production ? elds, subsea just two meters above the seabed. valued at approximately $73 million. pipelines and cables and offshore wind

GMG is a supplier of subsea cable in- farm assets. Kraken’s SeaVision sen-

OSIL Delivers Multi Corer for stallation and maintenance services in sor, which can ? exibly attach to AUVs

China’s XMU the telecoms, offshore renewables, pow- and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs),

Global seabed sampling experts Ocean er and oil and gas market segments. The combines laser scanning and optical im-

Scienti? c International Ltd (OSIL) said acquisition of Fugro’s trenching and aging to provide highly detailed data for it has delivered a 12 station Multiple cable laying business provides added inspectors and operators. The sensor’s

Corer to XMU University in China. The high-end capabilities that strengthen colorized laser imagery better detects hydrostatically damped Multi Corer is its service offering. The transaction in- and characterizes corrosion, cracks, ma- capable of collecting up to 12 samples volves the transfer of the 2011-biuilt rine growth and other defects. simultaneously, which include a high- vessel Fugro Symphony, two Q1400 quality sediment sample and the over- trenchers and two work class remotely

ESS Scoops Wind lying supernatant water. The corer is operated vehicles (ROVs) as well as 23

Farm Boulder Contract constructed from stainless steel and fea- employees located in Aberdeen. Ecosse Subsea Systems (ESS) has de- tures detachable core assemblies, which ployed the offshore supply vessel (OSV) enables the core tubes (or if necessary Noordhoek Path? nder in support of a

Subsea Robotic Inspection the entire core tube assembly) to be re- seabed clearance workscope for a wind

Initiative moved from the corer for analysis or A ? rst-of-its-kind integration of arti? - farm project offshore northwest Eng- storage. The core tubes are sealed top cial intelligence, autonomous underwa- land. ESS said it will use boulder grab and bottom once the sample has been ter vehicles, laser sensors and 3D imag- equipment to remove an estimated 1,700 taken, allowing rapid retrieval of the ing aims to advance inspection services boulders located over a 135-km route in corer without jeopardizing sample in- for the oil and gas industry. water depths up to 60 m. tegrity. Kraken Robotics Inc.’s wholly-owned The boulder grab spread will be used for subsidiary, Kraken Robotic Systems displacing obstacles nearshore and in

GMG Acquires Fugro’s Trench- Inc., has partnered with GE Venture Avi- low density areas and will complement ing, Cable Laying Business tas Systems to integrate autonomous un- other seabed clearance operations being

Global Marine Holdings LLC (GMG) derwater vehicles (AUVs), acoustic and performed using ESS’s SCAR2 Seabed will acquire Fugro’s trenching and cable laser sensor technology and arti? cial System.

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