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Mulligan Maslin

Dr. Ulloa & Hardy Haun

Corbley Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Mulligan

He previously designed and built the

Kevin Corbley is a marketing Tom Mulligan is MTR’s science and landers for James Cameron’s DEEP- communications consultant technology writer based in Ireland.

SEA CHALLENGE Expedition. specializing in the international geospatial market. Dr. Ulloa


Dr. Osvaldo Ulloa is Profesor Titular,

Elaine Maslin is an offshore

Haun Departamento de Oceanografía, Uni- upstream and renewables focused versidad de Concepción, Director of

Eric is MTR’s Managing Editor.

journalist, based in Scotland, the Instituto Milenio de Oceanografía (IMO-Chile), and lead scientist of the covering technologies, from well


ATACAMEX 2018 expedition. intervention and asset integrity to

Kevin Hardy founded Global Ocean

Design LLC after retiring from the subsea robotics and wave energy.

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