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Hydrographic Survey: Single beam and Multibeam Sonar

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Interconnect says Vidar Strand, senior sales operations manager, technol- ? lled pressurized environments. ogy and solutions center for oil and gas at BHGE. Strand, BHGE has a quali? ed a one-atmosphere system, which was speaking at the Subsea Valley conference in Oslo in March, designed to transmit power 120km from shore to Shell’s Or- cites a 10-20% typical lifecycle cost saving, from going all men Lange ? eld, where it would power subsea compression (a electric, with 25% in some cases. project which was shelved).

ABB is working on a system able to work to transport up to 100MW of power up to 600km and down to 3,000m water


Moving power electronics subsea is no easy task. Neverthe- depth. It has built and wet-tested a subsea VSD and is prepar- less, companies including ABB, Siemens and Baker Hughes, ing for a second, shallow water test, along with a switch gear a GE Company (BHGE), are working on solutions, by either this year. The complete system is due to be complete in mid- marinizing already proven components (VSDs, switchgear, 2019. ABB is putting the components in oil-? lled containers transformers, etc.) in one atmosphere containers, or creating and using natural convection for cooling. and qualifying new components, which can operate in oil- Siemens, was planning a full system test in 2017. Siemens is

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