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Hydrographic Survey: Single beam and Multibeam Sonar

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Antony Croston

Trelleborg Offshore

By Eric Haun

Antony Croston is Business Group Director at Trelleborg’s seabed via a submersible barge, controlled via wire rope de- offshore operation in Houston, responsible for the externally- ployed to two service vessels. Once in position, the buoyancy facing functions of the business covering engineering, busi- can be removed from the barge through pumping as it is no ness development and project management. longer needed, and can be used elsewhere on other barge sys-

MTR caught up with Croston recently to discuss some of tems. Furthermore, if recovery of the payload is required at

Trelleborg’s latest developments in buoyancy, FEA and engi- some point in the future, the dynamically adjustable buoyancy neering analysis, and

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