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Hydrographic Survey: Single beam and Multibeam Sonar

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Dual GyroUSBLs for Lorelay Stinger

Custom EMO Multiplexer



Dual GyroUSBLs for Lorelay Stinger Custom EMO Multiplexer

Offshore pipeline installation and subsea construction com- Upgrading the subsea survey and camera interfaces of an pany Allseas has ordered Sonardyne International’s GyroUS- ROV represents the primary purpose of the MUX having

BL acoustic positioning technology for two systems for its been deployed in Singapore. The requirements for reliable 236-m long lay vessel Lorelay. Used in conjunction with a transmission of large amounts of data and video from ROVs,

Ranger 2 USBL (Ultra-Short BaseLine) topside which also ROTVs, ocean observatories and instrumentation packages formed part of the order, the GyroUSBL transceivers will be are constantly being sharpened. Gathering high-quality data installed on the end of the Lorelay’s stinger to acoustically from the deep sea is an immense undertaking, which calls for track a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) deployed to ensure ensuring that multiple sensor and equipment types work in a pipe is accurately touching down in the permitted corridor. perfect unison and that all data are ef

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