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Hydrographic Survey: Single beam and Multibeam Sonar

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cility in the Kingdom, Fugro will train applications. Abstracts can be submitted

Polarcus Scores Two Seismic

Saudi students to become ROV pilots for speaking slots or poster paper pre-

Survey Projects and engineers for work in both industry sentations. All accepted speakers will and marine research. Support from Fu- receive free admission to the event.Ab- gro’s ROVTA in Abu Dhabi will bring stracts are due May 15, 2018.

the highest standard of training and Full details and an online abstract sub- technology to the region to sustain new mission form can be found on the Tele- developments in the Red Sea and sur- dyne Marine website at: rounding areas.

Teledyne Bringing Its Tech


Workshop to Europe UKHO Buys NORBIT iWBMS

Multibeam Survey Capability

Polarcus announced it has secured two NORBIT has been appointed by the UK offshore seismic survey survey projects. Hydrographic Of? ce (UKHO) as the

The company has entered into a contract single framework supplier until August for a two-month broadband 3D marine 2020 for survey equipment and associ- seismic acquisition project in Australia ated engineering support to enable Brit- that will commence immediately. Polar- ish Overseas Territories and other Com- cus also received a letter of award for an monwealth Small Island Developing

XArray 3D marine seismic acquisition States (SIDS) develop their own hydro-

Teledyne Marine project in Asia Paci? c. The two-month graphic survey capability to meet IHO project is slated to begin immediately standards.

after the Australian project. Building upon Teledyne Marine’s Tele- dyne Marine Technology Workshop Gas Hydrate CSEM Mapping (TMTW) event hosted biennially in the

Fugro to Train Saudi Students Campaign Completed in Japan

Fugro’s new partnership with KAUST U.S., the company has decided to host Ocean Floor Geophysics Inc. (OFG), in (King Abdullah University of Science this event in Cannes, France on Octo- cooperation with Fukada Salvage and and Technology) was marked recently ber 9-11, 2018 to address the needs of Marine Works Co. Ltd. (Fukada), has with the inauguration of the KAUST - customers in Europe and the surround- completed a third high resolution Con-

Fugro Center of Excellence for Marine ing area. As with the U.S. based TMTW, trolled Source Electromagnetic (CSEM)

Technology. The new center will pro- this event will allow speakers, in? u- survey of near surface gas hydrates us- vide training in ROV operations and hy- encers and attendees from around the ing the Scripps Institution of Oceanog- drographic survey within the Kingdom globe to explore, learn and share their raphy (Scripps) Vulcan system for the as part of the Saudization program. experiences on a broad range of marine National Institute of Advanced Indus-

KAUST’s facilities and location, on and inland technologies. This three-day trial Science and Technology (AIST) in the shore of the Red Sea, are ideal for workshop will once again include cus- Japanese waters. Following the CSEM addressing the challenges associated tomer presentations, product/software surveys and 3D inversion models com- with mapping the Red Sea, large tracts training, networking opportunities and pleted in 2014 and 2015, the 2017 sur- of which remain unexplored due to ex- on-water demonstrations provided by vey comprised more than 413 line kilo- treme depths, temperature and salinity. Teledyne Marine’s top-tier manufactur- meters of high resolution data collected

It will also establish an ROV Train- ers. in depths up to 1,640 m from the Fukada ing Academy (ROVTA) at the KAUST A cornerstone of this users’ confer- vessel Shin Nichi Maru. A 3D inversion

Coastal and Marine Resources Core ence is presentations given by custom- of the EM data for the entire 2017 sur-

Lab. At this academy, the only such fa- ers sharing their ? eld and laboratory vey area has also been completed and experience utilizing Teledyne products. delivered to the client.

The three-day workshop will include three concurrent morning tracks dedi- cated to the following broad topic ar- eas: Offshore Energy; Oceanographic

Research; Hydrography; Defense/Se- curity; Aquaculture/Fisheries; and Civil

Engineering/River Monitoring.

Teledyne is asking customers to submit an abstract sharing their experience us-


OFG ing Teledyne products in any of these

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