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in a compact 233 mm long pressure housing with a single integrated hydrophone. It provides additional measurement options, such as 24 bit recording, a switchable high pass ? lter, an accelerometer, com- pass, and temperature and pres- sure sensors. The Porpoise runs on

AAA batteries which can be eas- ily swapped out in the ? eld, or can use various sized external battery packs for extended deployments.

Initial tests suggest the Porpoise is more power ef? cient than other acoustic recorders on the market.

The Porpoise’s 2 TB of SD storage provides ample memory, and like the RS-Orca it can stream raw or processed data over

Ethernet and long range

WiFi. The Porpoise is also capable of stream- ing audio in real time at higher bandwidths than other recorders, making it suited for the real time mon- itoring of marine mammals, including those which use high frequency vocalisations, such as the harbor porpoise. According to RS Aqua, these unique capabili- ties have led to a quick uptake of the Porpoise, with several multiple unit orders now con? rmed for vari- ous deployments in the northern and southern hemispheres.

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