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Cover Photo: Hydroid

Gregory R. Trauthwein

NEW YORK 118 E. 25th St., New York, NY 10010

Associate Publisher & Editor

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FLORIDA 215 NW 3rd St., Boynton Beach, FL 33435

Tel: (561) 732-4368; Fax: (561) 732-6984 n a recent run up the coast to Massachusetts I was afforded the opportunity to

PUBLISHER stop in and visit Duane Fotheringham, president and chairman of the board of

John C. O’Malley

Hydroid. Throughout my 25+ years covering all matters maritime, I have found [email protected]

Othat there is no better way to really get the feel for a company than visiting

Associate Publisher & Editor them where they work. The visit to Hydroid was particularly telling for me, because the

Gregory R. Trauthwein [email protected] last time I had stopped in personally was almost a decade ago, when Chris von Alt was at the helm of the company he founded, and the company was dramatically different.

Managing Editor

The visit with Hydroid was perfectly timed for the June 2018 edition, our focus on

Eric Haun [email protected] defense. Defense, and in particular the U.S. Navy, has always been a tech driver in this

Special Projects sector, arguably no more vibrant than today as the U.S. faces a host of continually evolv-

Gabby DelGatto ing asymmetric threats, and the push for autonomous systems subsea is ? nally catching [email protected] up with developments on the land and in the air. Fotheringham, a former U.S. navy of? cer

Contributing Writers and fast-attack submarine driver, provides a nice balance of insight on how evolving AUV

Capt. Edward Lundquist, USN (Ret.)

Elaine Maslin, Aberdeen technology is meeting evolving military mission needs, starting on page 34.

Tom Mulligan, Ireland th

Looking ahead, the next edition of MTR is our 13 Annual “MTR100” edition, a look

Claudio Paschoa, Brazil at 100 innovative companies and people in this subsea space. The MTR100 has taken on

Production Manager

Irina Vasilets a life of its own since we started it in 2006, and each and every year since I give sincere [email protected] thanks that I didn’t go with my original impulse to make it the “MTR200”! The application for inclusion in the MTR100 is now open, and in this edition you will see a few innovative

Production & Graphic Design

Nicole Ventimiglia twists from our editorial team, including for the ? rst time a naming of the “Top10”. I look [email protected] forward to your applications for this, the biggest and best awards edition in the subsea sec-

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