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ABOVE: Industry icon and long-time MATE competition judge Marty Klein speaks to the all-female ROV team from

Saudi Arabia during the 2017 international event.

LEFT: Students of different ages, genders, and ethnicities compete in MATE.

Images: MATE II

Jill Zande, President/Executive Director, MATE Inspiration for Innovation

Zande (MATE II) and Associate Director, MATE Center,

Jill Zande, President/Executive Di- As Zande celebrates her 20th anniver- skills. rector, MATE Inspiration for Innova- sary with MATE, our “Number Five” in “So, literally, on the back of a napkin, tion (MATE II) and Associate Director, the MTR Top 10 shares the challenges the idea for the ROV competition was

MATE Center, is a familiar ? gure in and rewards of building and maintaining born,” said Zande. “We needed some- subsea circles, the face a globally re- its signature student ROV competition. one to take the lead on this; I raised my nowned and fast-growing ROV compe- hand.” tition that has and continues to inspire The ROV Competition The MATE competition has only two young minds, from kindergarteners As with most great ideas, the MATE full-time employees, some part-time through collegians. Zande is humble, ROV competition was born through help, and more than 1,600 volunteers. By and 20 years ago could not have imag- study, collaboration, perspiration and the numbers, the MATE ROV competi- ined her position today. a little bit of luck. When Zande joined tion has grown exponentially. Starting in

As a research associate at the Dauphin MATE it conducted a number of work- 2002 the MATE international competi-

Island Sea Lab (DISL), she knew that force studies, and ROV technicians tion included 22 teams from two coun- career-wise, the Ph.D. path was her only emerged as an occupation in need of tries; today there are 31 regional events realistic options. But she knew deep skilled individuals. At the same time, annually, with an additional regional in down that the Ph.D. path was not for her. it found the little yellow book (How Tennessee in 2019. For the 2018 season,

As fate had it her former major profes- to Build Your Own Underwater Robot starting in April, nearly 8,000 students sor at Louisiana State University told and Other Wet Projects) and the Marine representing 715 teams from across the her about MATE, helping to launch her Technology Society ROV Committee country and around the world competed career in education that has touched tens came looking for help, as they recog- in regional events or submitted video of thousands of young lives and brains, nized the need for ROV technicians and demonstrations. Nearly 800 students and contributed mightily to grooming that those currently applying for the and 100 mentors quali? ed and partici- that oft-discussed ‘next generation’. positions didn’t seem to have the right pated in the international competition, 2018 July/August

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