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MTR100: Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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MTR 10 0 placed the building blocks over 11+ years to en- able society to continue to thrive in a way that op- timizes conservation and economic development.

As his MTR moniker “Mister Cluster” suggests,

Jones is a ‘glue that binds’ sort of leader, working to link people, businesses and governments in the name of raising awareness and investment in all matters ‘Blue.’ He was the driving force behind the creation of the BlueTech Cluster Alliance, an organization of in? uential clusters in eight coun- tries. Pro bono, Jones founded and serves as Presi- dent of The Maritime Alliance, setting the vision and creating this eco-system of collaboration that is hard to ? nd elsewhere. Highlights include: • Jones was a driving force in getting Repre- sentative Duncan Hunter (R-San Diego) to focus on BlueTech years ago. After Jones’ testimony in Washington, D.C. at the House Sub-commit- tee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transporta- tion, the Congressman submitted a bill to cre- ate a BlueTech Center of Excellence within the

Coast Guard.

• He is the founder and driving force behind

BlueTech Week, preparing for its 10th edition.

• Driving Force behind convincing the U.S.

Government and the Michael Porter Institute at

Harvard to include BlueTech clusters in its pro- gram, which were previously not recognized.

• Co-authored NOAA’s ? rst Ocean-Enterprise study that looked at the economic value of Ocean

Observation, Forecasting and Measurement • He was the driving force for TMA being se- lected to launch the ? rst-ever Maritime Technolo- gy Export Initiative on behalf of the United States • Jones is helping this year to develop a Blue-

Tech Investment Fund in San Diego.

The Maritime Alliance “Michael is that rare combination of ability,

Michael Jones, President,

Jones & The entrepreneurial drive, understanding, and vision

The Maritime Alliance

Maritime Alliance who has the international contacts to bring seem- “Mister Cluster” ingly unrelated people from around the world together to promote sustainable, science-based ocean and water industries,” said Greg Murphy,

You would be hard-pressed to ? nd many in the subsea sector that have

Executive Director of The Maritime Alliance. not run across, to or through Michael Jones, President of The Maritime “It’s an honor and quite the experience to learn

Alliance, a leading BlueTech Cluster in the U.S. Jones was a driving from and work with Michael.” The Maritime Al- force that caused the U.S. DOC to focus on BlueTech, and why the U.S. liance is a nonpro? t industry association whose

Commercial Service decided to form a global marine technology team. mission is “Promoting Sustainable Science-Based

While Jones is “Number 10” in our subsea in? uential leaders ranking,

Ocean & Water Industries” and a member of the you would search long and far to ? nd any with the combined drive, work

BlueTech Cluster Alliance.

ethic, connections and passion for matters maritime. Marine Technology

Reporter has been a long-time media sponsor of The Maritime Alliance led BlueTech Week in San Diego. In short, Jones is sees the ‘big picture,’

The 10th annual BlueTech Week is scheduled for methodically stitching together a tapestry of collaboration among aca-

November 5-9, 2018 in San Diego, California.

demia, industry and government internationally. He has systematically

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