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MTR100: Listing of 100 Leading Subsea Companies

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Ohmsett is the test bed for some of the most innovative tech-

Atlantic Highlands, NJ nologies used in the spill response industry. Customers come to the facility to test skimming vessels, sorbents, dispersants,

President & CEO: Paul Meyer, sunken oil detection, oil-in-ice recovery, remote sensing, and

BSEE Technical Representative much more. Ohmsett provides independent and objective per-

Ohmsett - The National Oil Spill Response Research & Renew- formance testing of full-scale oil spill response equipment able Energy Test Facility is managed by the Bureau of Safety and marine renewable energy systems (wave energy conver- and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and is the largest out- sion devices). Its most notable feature is the above-ground door facility of its type in North America. It provides the Bureau concrete test tank measuring 667 feet long by 65 feet wide and other facility users from around the world with a unique oil by 8 feet deep ? lled with 2.6 million gallons of crystal clear spill response training and testing environment that simulates salt water. The wave generating capabilities include program- real-world conditions in a safe and controlled environment.

mable amplitude, frequency and wave length, creating random

Ohmsett conducts research, testing and training with full waves that more closely approximate waves in the ocean, and scale equipment using real oil in repeatable simulated marine waves that can be break at speci? c locations within the tank. conditions. Government agencies, academia and private com-

Ohmsett has the infrastructure necessary to support customer panies come to the facility to conduct early development and testing with its equipment tow bridges, 32-channel data col- prototype testing of emerging response countermeasures for lection system, fully equipped machine shop, on-site oil/water offshore spill response. In addition, Ohmsett provides a venue laboratory, oil distribution and recovery system, and dispersant for ? rst responders with the most realistic hands-on training application system.

Quality Positioning Services BV (QPS), headquartered in

QPS, Inc.

Zeist, The Netherlands, is an independent software design company founded in 1986. QPS subsidiary of? ces are located

Portsmouth, NH in Portsmouth U.S., in Fredericton Canada, and in Banbury

U.K. In late 2012, the HITT group of companies became a

Managing Directors: Jonathan Beaudoin & wholly owned subsidiary of Saab AB and so a member of the

Almar Hollaar

Saab group of companies. QPS is focused on system integra- tion of survey sensors and the development of software ap- plications used for hydrographic surveys, sea-? oor mapping, portable pilot units and Electronic Navigation Charts (ENC) production. QPS is seen as market leader in these ? elds. The key technology of QPS is based on precise navigation, the col- lection and presentation of large volumes of navigation and depth data. This also includes new techniques for 3D visual- ization of the underwater environment. QPS navigation and positioning software is used on board offshore construction vessels, pipe-lay barges, drilling rigs, seismic research ves- sels and hydrographic survey vessels. QPS has a fast growing market share in the offshore oil and gas industry, dredging industry and port communities.

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